Google Display Network Ads (GDN)

What is Google Display Network Ads (GDN)?

Getting your ads appear on major websites might seem like a daunting task but it is much simpler than you’d think!

With the help of Google Display Network (GDN) found in Google Adwords, it involves the display of visual banner ads or text on advertising-supported websites where your potential customers engage in online activities such as reading an online news, watching a video, playing mobile games or even checking their emails.

GDN is similar to SEM. You will only pay if the Internet user clicks on the advertisement. The advertising cost depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and the industry you are in. GDN is all about using the power of Google outside of the search engine that offers multiple Ad formats in terms of text, image, rich media and video. With this, you can target websites based on keywords in their content or topics and/or place ads by site names.

GDN has the largest global network of websites which run Google ads. This includes YouTube, Gmail and countless Google web display partners. With infinite number of internet users visiting these websites daily, GDN allows your advertisement to be placed on these websites and uses precise targeting techniques to maximize business exposure to target audiences. Even if the user does not click on your ad, GDN still allows you to promote your business and increase impressions.

GDN is an affordable yet powerful online marketing tool that is highly beneficial for businesses. It has the ability to choose the right keywords and topics with an effective and creative strategy to drive success in your GDN campaign. If you want to run a GDN campaign for your brand or business, contact us today.

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