Google Display Network Ads (GDN)

What is Google Display Network  Ads (GDN)?

Getting your ads on a major websites might seem like a difficult and expensive task. But with the Google Display Network found in Google Adwords, it only involve the display of visual banner ads or text on advertising-supported websites that will reach your potential customers when they’re viewing a news or video, playing a game on their phone or even as they check their email. it’s more simple than you’d think!

Similar to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), with the Google Display Network (GDN), you will only pay if the Internet user clicks on the advertisement. The advertising cost depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and the industry you are in. However, GDN is all about using the power of Google outside of the search engine that offers multiple Ad formats like text ads, image ads, rich media ads and video ads. Meaning with GDN, you can target websites based on keywords in their content or topics and/or place ads by site names. GDN is a network of websites which run Google ads that comprise of YouTube, Gmail and more than a million Google web display partners.

GDN is the largest global network with vast reach. With thousands of internet users visiting these websites daily, GDN uses precise targeting to reach engaged audiences and allows you to place your advertisement on these websites for maximum exposure of your business to deliver the best possible advertisement result. Even if the user does not click on your ad, GDN still allows you to promote your business and increase your impressions.

The GDN is a powerful online marketing tool has targeting options that can be very beneficial for businesses. The ability to choose the right keywords and topics with an effective creative strategy while remaining within your budget, will define success for GDN campaign. If you want to run a Google Display Network campaign for your brand or business, contact us today.