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Are you struggling to manage all your social media platforms? We understand that most business owners simply do not have enough time to dedicate to even one platform, let alone multiple social media pages.

JoomMarketing provides social media management & marketing services for busy companies. We provide personalized service tailored to you & your company by taking time to learn about your industry and let your business stand above the rest. We will then connect you with our experienced social media account managers who plan, grow, monitor and build your social media presence.

The types of postings and the specific day & time to post etc are some of the strategies in social media marketing. We write your social media content to make sure it engages and get noticed by the right audience. We will be an extension to your marketing team, saving precious time and ensuring your social pages are doing their job.

There are many social media platforms that companies are taking advantage of. The top three are:

Facebook allows you to interact with current and  potential clients directly. It helps you to spread the word about your services quickly and easily.

Twitter will allow you to communicate with your clients in real time. It also enables clients to raise any questions about your latest news.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform today. You can share images with captions and hashtags to interact with current and potential clients.

Have you captured all potentials that social media are providing? It is hard to stay current. New platforms, tools, strategies and trends are emerging all the time. That is why we are here to help you seize the opportunities that social media marketing can offer. Contact us now for more information.

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